Letter from the editors: June 2011

ACCH Quarterly Vol. 17, No. 2, June 2011

Letter from the editors: June 2011

By Kyle Jantzen, Ambrose University College

Stained glass windows from the Augustinian Monastery in Erfurt, Germany.

Our summer 2011 issue of the ACCH Quarterly deals almost exlusively with people and issues which are international in scope. We have reviews of two new books on Christians whose influence extended (or extends) far beyond Germany. The first is Wolfgang Sommer’s study of Lutheran leader Wilhelm Freiherr von Pechmann, whose antipathy to Bavarian church policy ultimately led to his departure from the Lutheran Church. The second is an edited volume of letters and writings from Franz Jaegerstaetter, an Austrian Catholic conscientious objector and martyr whose life and death was first made known widely throughout the English world several decades ago thanks to a biography by Gordon Zahn.

Alongside these reviews, two article notes examine the politics of the World Council of Churches and the relationship between the League of Nations and the WorldAlliancefor Promoting International Friendship through the Churches.

On behalf of my fellow editors, let me wish you all the best for a relaxing summer. If you have any suggestions for books we should review or issues we should comment on, please contact me at kjantzen@ambrose.edu.