Call For Papers: Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations, 2011 Volume

ACCH Quarterly Vol. 17, No. 2, June 2011

Call For Papers: Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations, 2011 Volume.

The editorial board of Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations, a peer-reviewed electronic journal, invites submissions for its 2011 volume. SCJR publishes scholarship on the history, theology, and contemporary realities of Jewish-Christian relations and reviews new materials in the field, providing a vehicle for exchange of information, cooperation, and mutual enrichment in the field of Christian-Jewish studies and relations.

Submissions on the 2011 volume’s feature topic “Constructing Saints and Heroes” are especially welcome: A recurring issue in Catholic-Jewish relations has been the beatification and canonization of men and women who, from the perspective of those involved in dialogue, have had questionable qualifications for this elevation. Given that humans of all religious traditions identify certain individuals as heroes who served and serve as sources of blessing to the world in various ways, the editors of Studies in Christian-Jewish Relations invite submissions for volume 6 (2011) that explore this phenomenon from any relevant perspective. What qualifies a person to be considered a saint or tzaddiq or religious role model in Judaism or Christianity? To what extent does (or should) that person’s evaluation by other denominations or religions play a role? What sorts of issues require clarification for inter-religious understanding on these issues? Figures that authors might want to address may include historical figures like Martin Luther, the various cults connected to medieval blood libels, or sainted authors of Adversos Iudaeos literature; or more contemporary figures such as Pope Pius IX, Pope Pius XII, Edith Stein, Pope John Paul II, Mother Theresa, Martin Niemoeller, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Krister Stendahl, Martin Luther King, Theodor Herzl, Baruch Goldstein, or Abraham Joshua Heschel. Papers may be comparative or address the question from within a single tradition.

Interested authors are encouraged to contact the editors in advance. For publication in the 2011 volume, papers should be submitted by September 1, 2011 through the journal’s website. All papers will be subject to peer-review before acceptance for publication. For more information, please see