Letter from the editors: June 2010

ACCH Quarterly Vol. 15, No. 2, June 2010

Letter from the editors: June 2010

By Kyle Jantzen

Statue of St. Boniface, Apostle of the Germans, in Mainz.

We are pleased to offer our second issue of the ACCH Quarterly, successor publication to John S. Conway’s Association of Contemporary Church Historians Newsletter. In this issue, the emphasis is on German Catholic Christianity in the twentieth century, with reviews of two new books on the relationship between Catholicism and Nazism, a note about Vatican archival documents recently made available to scholars online, as well as a report from a recent conference on Eugenio Pacelli as the Vatican Nuncio in Germany. Other contributions consider Protestant antisemitism and smaller evangelical movements as well.

It is our sincere hope as editors that you enjoy the new e-journal format and content of the ACCH Quarterly. Over time, we plan to mount all of the old newsletters (volumes 1-15) on the new site. For now, you can still find old issues of the newsletter at Randall Bytwerk’s excellent website, available at http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/akz/.

If you are affiliated with a university or college, we would encourage you to request that the ACCH Quarterly be added to your library’s electronic resources. Our ISSN number is 1923-1725, and your librarian will know how to add our journal to your library’s existing online resources.

Each issue of the ACCH Quarterly will be compiled by three or more members of the editorial team, on a rotating basis. We welcome your suggestions for content or any other feedback you might have about the new format. Please send these to Kyle Jantzen at kjantzen@ambrose.edu.

On behalf of all of the ACCH Quarterly editors,

Kyle Jantzen, Ambrose University College